Monday, February 27, 2017

Ry Ry's First Tracks!

Daddy, I'm flying in my PJs, does that mean we're going Polaris? Sorry son, this car seat is the most recline you're going to get today.

We're going in, we're going in full throttle! Just as soon as I finish my snooze. In the meantime, Daddy's going in full throttle on that stroopwafel.

The great thing about Park City is getting there from Salt Lake City airport is quicker than hopping on the R line to Park Slope.

Ski town food has come a long way from sloppy bowls of reheated three-day old chili. Thank the Sundance Film Festival for bringing world class dining slopeside.

Lobster gyoza with truffle consomme, must be a sneak preview of Niseko 2018.

The can says it all: "Pairs well with first tracks."

These guys thought they paired well with first tracks, until Dodge couldn't find a helmet...

Keep an eye on the sky kids, Grandma's plane is en route and rumor has it the hold is chock full of presents.

Mommy, if this is skiing sign me up for ski school right now!

Meanwhile, out on the real slopes, Jared leads the team triumphantly towards the pow pow and the restroom facilities, not necessarily in that order.

Power, powder everywhere!

Will someone get this boarder out of my selfie? Next stop Deer Valley!

Aussie grilled cheese and a flat white slopeside? Lucky Jared is wearing his skinny snowpants.

Watch out folks, there's a little polar bear cub on the prowl!

I scoff at global warming!

Son, you can be anything you want when you grow up. Except a boarder.

Sure beats battering yourself black and blue on the unforgiving icy slopes.

Lord Vader, where did you leave your squadron of snowtroppers? They'd come in handy in clearing out the lift queue.

Team Cahan in da house! The pizzeria never stood a chance. Just like those black diamonds today.

Yes good practice for skiing. That's exactly how most runs end.

Daddy, is this one of those Ubers?

That's right son, look to the sky and watch Daddy come zooming down the double black diamond... in the rescue chopper.

Day two dawns overcast with a high chance of snow. And a new addition to the team.

This is the pow you've been waiting for! And if you look really really hard you'll also see the skier you've been waiting for. For 15 minutes and counting...

Nothing fuels the afternoon session like a giant burrito in front of a roaring fire. Do we really have to head back out?

Bluebird day! This is what you strap on those miserable boots for.

Meanwhile back on the ranch: Grandma, I think the contents of my diaper may be melting the snow.

Go big or go home!

You're a long way from La Jolle cove partner. 

Apres-ski! The Sundance Film Festival has raised the Park City dining scene to a whole new level. 

A bluebird day in the making. And for certain individuals a half day in the making.

The Outhouse Express Quad lift is humming early.

Grandpa, which one is debit and which one is credit again?

A heated lift! That's almost as good as the apres-ski hot tub. 

Whisky sour in the slopeside saloon. Just remember, don't ski under the influence.

And that's last run from Park City. Great mountain, we'll be back.